Time Choices

Yesterday I discovered the importance of time and remembering key appointments. My son Josiah was due to have his rugby photos taken but with not being able to drive and my wife picking up our eldest child from school it completely slipped my mind. Initially i was really upset at myself and disappointed for my son that he had missed out.  But as i thought about it again i realized i was left with a choice. I can live in the disappointment or realize in the scale of life as a whole it was not such an issue and there would be an opportunity next year. Sometimes we choose to live in the disappointment and allow ourselves to get all screwed up inside. The problem with this is it affects our relationships with the people closest to us. We close up and we shut up closing off any open communication we had. This creates a gap in our relationship and without realizing can cause long term damage if not dealt with sooner rather than later.

But instead of this I choose to communicate my feelings and remain positive about the situation. I apologized to my son to which he gracefully forgave me and went back to play. I then choose to go back to what I was doing not allowing the moment to become a distraction from what I was trying to achieve in that moment of time.

Don’t allow the small things rob you of precious time. Learn to see each situation positively and seek out a win-win situation for everyone. Life becomes more enjoyable and less stressful when we take this approach.


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