Attitude counts for everything

The last few days has seen me face some challenges. Health wise I have had some new pains which means apart from the extreme pain I have had at times  i may need a surgical review next week. Also, not being able to drive, missing out on kids sports games and literally being stuck at home to recover has tested my attitude and patience to new levels.

So, while not being perfect (just ask my wife) I have learned that attitude is everything when facing these daily challenges. I have had to appreciate the moments of rest and recovery and choose the make the best of a bad situation. There’s a saying I discovered a while back that says “Attitude will determine your altitude”, so what that means is if you choose a good attitude you will be able to rise above your challenges and become stronger as a person, but if you choose a poor attitude then basically just watch yourself crash and burn! as the challenges get the better of you and you get stuck in life’s rut and find it very hard to get out.

So thankfully I have been able to choose the positive attitude and although these times are still very challenging and not nice to go through, it’s not the end of life, and if used wisely, this time can be an extremely helpful time to grow as a person, family and learn some very valuable life lessons.

So my encouragement to you is choose your attitude wisely, don’t miss out on opportunities that life brings along hidden in the form of a hard time or daily challenge. You’ve got what it takes to overcome and succeed in life and become the person you were made to be. Let your life be an example to others around you and….NEVER GIVE UP!!


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