I believe we all go through different seasons throughout our life. Each season contains its own set of challenges, highs and lows. 

Seasons help us to develop and form many areas of our lives. From personal areas such as relationships, attitudes to professional development like gaining new skills or knowledge. How we view these seasons and whether we embrace or resist through these times will affect the outcome of who we are and how we relate that to others.

Understanding our strengths and gaining insights to how we can mobilize each strength will help us to view  seasons correctly and embrace rather than resist the challenges. This leads us to understanding ourselves better and learning to communicate that  to others. Ultimately we become more mature and successful people. 

What are the seasons you are facing? Are you resisting or embracing your current season? Do you know your Top5 Strengths? If so, how are you applying them? What insights are you gaining? If not, how are you currently viewing your season and what are you doing to become more mature and successful so others are able to see you for who you really are?

As a Certified Top 5 Strengthsfinder coach, I encourage you to discover your natural Strengths and use them to help journey you through your seasons of life. 

For more info Check out:

Gallup Strengths

Develop Your Strengths


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