Climbing the Mountain

Our lives are filled with good times and bad times. I translate this into Mountain top times and valley times. Life is not a continuing straight line that will take us from point A to point B. There are many curves and ups and downs and crossroads that take us on  different directions filled with  various experiences;some good and some bad. How we act and respond during each time will determine our next direction and experience. As a Christian I believe we are given one life to live with a purpose. I have chosen, God to direct my life due to me listening and obeying His call. But in this I still hold an overall choice. God gives me the desired direction, then leaves it with me to make the choice to follow. My choice will ultimately decide weather I have a mountain top or valley experience.

My recent time in Hospital was a very low valley experience;filled with pain and frustration. But I chose to allow God  control and help me see the right way to handle the situation. I chose rather than keeping sad, angry or depressed about the situation , I chose to keep positive, relying on Gods strength to keep going with a positive attitude. It was hard, very hard, especially when I had the collection of fluid form and wound back in hospital after only one and a half weeks out. Because I made this choice, I started to experience an uplifting in my spirit . This was an experience where I could see past  my pain and above my circumstance and see purpose and new direction that was part of Gods plan for my life. I gained peace and an assurance and that I was on the way to recovery. Also, that the valley time, time of pain and sickness had purpose of its own. For me it was a time of character growth and learning to be patient, wait, allowing God to work His plan through my life.

I became stronger as a  person through the time to which I now apply to future experiences.  I now know i am back climbing my mountain filled with peace and assurance but knowing I will also have future valleys. The difference being that I can take what I have learned from this experience and apply it to the future, believing in faith that I will continue to climb the mountain to complete my purpose in life and fulfill all that God has set for me in this given life. To this i am very thankful to God for His strength, gifting and the huge amount of support around me.

I encourage you to face your valley times with a different perspective. Don’t see them as negative experiences that knock you back and hold you from moving forward. See them as  opportunities to grow stronger as a person and create  launching pads to step off into new and exciting times  filled with joy and assurance that you are living the way you were created to live, that your life holds purpose and direction that serves as  example to others to follow so they too may learn  to face their valleys and find their mountain to climb. Remembering in all this to NEVER GIVE UP!!


The Battle Continues!

So…. the last week I have spent back in hospital dealing with a fluid collection and mysterious pain down my left thigh. Just when i thought I was on the mend “Bang” it hits me…The battle continues. Through this time i was reminded about the battle we are in and there are two ways we can go. Firstly, we can back down, give up and say I surrender! and give in to the battle. Secondly, you can choose to fight till you die! and never give up until you have victory. I choose the latter, submission in this battle of sickness is never an option and never will be. But I must be very straight and truthful with you, Its never by my strength do I do this, I totally rely on the Strength found in my faith in God the father, faith in Jesus Christ and reliance on the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. They go hand in hand, one cannot be without the other and make up the true essence of a complete spiritual experience and life with the one and only God who created the heavens and earth and ultimately us to share it with.

Life is not complete without my faith, it completes who I was created to be. Every battle that I face like the current battle with Crohn’s Disease will always be examined in the light of my faith and what that determines my next step to be. In this case, understand that there is an enemy who wants to take me out and try to get me to surrender to this sickness, to which my reply will always be NO!! I will choose to Overcome and Trust that my God will strengthen me and lead me through the time and finally to gain victory over the current circumstance.

To be honest it is never easy, there are times when I feel like quitting and say enough is enough, but thanks to God for placing the right people in my life that offer support and challenge me not to give up. This encourages me and helps me to hold on; and through prayer and reading the Bible I gain spiritual strength and wisdom that overrides any form of natural strength to then continue the battle to the point of victory.

This has become a way of life for me, so i can move towards the purposes that God has for me right now and in the future. The enemy’s purpose is to take me away from this so others cannot get to know the freedom that comes from living a life of faith and purpose. The enemy has many names such as, sickness, fear, disappointment, failure, self-blame,… Oh! and his common name…satan….The list goes on to which I will give no more attention to but to this I testify…he has no power over my life because I have a God in Heaven who is stronger than anything he throws at me. Gods love is stronger and overcomes any sickness I may face. The battle continues, but i move in the face of it with a Victorious spirit, attitude and Faith to which no glory goes to me but completely lies with my God.

I don’t know what you are facing in life, or if you have any type of spiritual Faith but I do know this. I have found something truly special in my personal faith.


Attitude counts for everything

The last few days has seen me face some challenges. Health wise I have had some new pains which means apart from the extreme pain I have had at times  i may need a surgical review next week. Also, not being able to drive, missing out on kids sports games and literally being stuck at home to recover has tested my attitude and patience to new levels.

So, while not being perfect (just ask my wife) I have learned that attitude is everything when facing these daily challenges. I have had to appreciate the moments of rest and recovery and choose the make the best of a bad situation. There’s a saying I discovered a while back that says “Attitude will determine your altitude”, so what that means is if you choose a good attitude you will be able to rise above your challenges and become stronger as a person, but if you choose a poor attitude then basically just watch yourself crash and burn! as the challenges get the better of you and you get stuck in life’s rut and find it very hard to get out.

So thankfully I have been able to choose the positive attitude and although these times are still very challenging and not nice to go through, it’s not the end of life, and if used wisely, this time can be an extremely helpful time to grow as a person, family and learn some very valuable life lessons.

So my encouragement to you is choose your attitude wisely, don’t miss out on opportunities that life brings along hidden in the form of a hard time or daily challenge. You’ve got what it takes to overcome and succeed in life and become the person you were made to be. Let your life be an example to others around you and….NEVER GIVE UP!!

Time Choices

Yesterday I discovered the importance of time and remembering key appointments. My son Josiah was due to have his rugby photos taken but with not being able to drive and my wife picking up our eldest child from school it completely slipped my mind. Initially i was really upset at myself and disappointed for my son that he had missed out.  But as i thought about it again i realized i was left with a choice. I can live in the disappointment or realize in the scale of life as a whole it was not such an issue and there would be an opportunity next year. Sometimes we choose to live in the disappointment and allow ourselves to get all screwed up inside. The problem with this is it affects our relationships with the people closest to us. We close up and we shut up closing off any open communication we had. This creates a gap in our relationship and without realizing can cause long term damage if not dealt with sooner rather than later.

But instead of this I choose to communicate my feelings and remain positive about the situation. I apologized to my son to which he gracefully forgave me and went back to play. I then choose to go back to what I was doing not allowing the moment to become a distraction from what I was trying to achieve in that moment of time.

Don’t allow the small things rob you of precious time. Learn to see each situation positively and seek out a win-win situation for everyone. Life becomes more enjoyable and less stressful when we take this approach.